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Camera GP2011 Camera of The Year
PENTAX「645D」 (Company:HOYA CORPORATION PENTAX Imaging Systems Division )

Remarks upon selection
The Pentax 645D is the brand's first medium-format digital camera with a 40 megapixel large CCD sensor. It features Pentax's "PRIME II" Image processor which realizes high speed processing, and a variety of functions including: noise reduction which controls color noise and luminance noise; dynamic-range expansion to compensate for both white-out and black-out areas; automatic compensation of distortion and transverse chromatic aberration. The camera is designed to be highly durable with dust-proof and weather-resistant features, assuring its operation at a temperature as low as -10 C. The body is constructed of magnesium alloy and the chassis is made of die-cast aluminum.

Camera GP2011 Lens of The Year
Tamron 「18-270mm F/3.5-6.3DiU VC PZD(Model B008)」 (Company:Tamron Co., Ltd.)

Remarks upon selection
Tamron 18-270mm is a high-power zoom lens designed for use on APS-C DSLRs which covers angles of view equivalent to 28mm to 419mm when converted to the 35mm format. The lens is Tamron's first to carry PZD (piezo-electric drive), a stationary type ultrasonic auto focus motor which is quieter and faster than conventional DC motors. Use of high refractive index lenses and low dispersion glass elements provides superior image quality. It achieves reduction in size and weight with fewer lenses than the previous models. As to a camera blur reduction, Tamron employs a new compact VC(vibration reduction) system using a "moving coil" to allow hand-held shooting effects equivalent to approx. four shutter speed steps.

Camera GP2011 Readers Award
Nikon 「D7000」 (Company:Nikon Corporation)

Principal remarks upon selection
The award was established in 2008, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Camera Grand Prix. The winner is selected by general readers' votes. This year, the poll was taken through special site during the voting period from March 28 to April 10.

Size, functions, price, image quality, usability, brand reputation, overall quality. The camera surpasses the average of all these points, so I am very satisfied with this product. (Yamagata, age 45)
Reasonable size, not too big for women's hands. Performance is good when compared with upper class models. (Wakayama, age 59)
This is my first SLR camera. I purchased this one because it helps beginnersow to control picture quality and detailed functions. It made me feel that it would take me into a new world of camera. (Hokkaido, age 36)
So many functions I wanted are packed in a compact body. There is no extraordinary function found in this camera, but everything is nicely balanced, and especially I am glad that the camera is provided at the price I can afford. (Kanagawa, age 32)

Camera GP2011 Editors Award
Fujifilm 「FinePix X100」(Company:Fujifilm Corporation)

Remarks upon selection
Fujifilm's FinePix X100 is a compact digital camera featuring its new hybrid viewfinder, which combines a projected bright-frame optical viewfinder and an electronic viewfinder system with approx. 100% field of view and a 1,400,000 dot LCD panel. A magnesium alloy body with manually operated control dials, an APS-C CMOS sensor and new EXR processor delivering the highest image quality in the history of FinePix cameras, the quality of which is so high that is almost overwhelming DSLRs.


Camera GP2011 Editors Award
Epson「MAXART PX-5V」 (Company:Seiko Epson Corporation)

Remarks upon selection
EPSON MAXART PX-5V is an A3+ ink-jet printer using K3 pigment ink technology. It boasts high degree of completion, achieving both high quality images and good cost-to-performance characteristic. Using nine shades and colors of K3 pigment-based inks enables the printer to deliver a rich color representations up to the blue and violet regions which have been difficult to materialize with ink-ket printers.

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